Static Control Products

Static Control Products

Static Control Products From Haug Available At Nex Flow

HAUG static control products from Nex Flow™ featuring Haug Static Bars, Haug Air-Blade™ Ionizers, Haug Power Supplies, Haug Air Ionizing Guns, Haug Ionizing Nozzles, Huag Static Testing Equipment and Haug Staic Measurement Solutions.

Air Blade Ionizers

Air-Blade™ Ionizers provide for the most economical static elimination devices where static needs to be eliminated and dirt removed from all types of charged surfaces. Available with both RN or VS models static bars or with explosion proof static bars

Power Supplies

Haug power supplies come in several versions demanded by modern industrial standards. They have standard 2 outlet and 4-outlet systems, special NEMA 4 class versions,and explosion proof applications. Power Supplies are “repairable” and fully shielded unlike most competitive products.

Charging Generators

HAUG Charging Generators are high-voltage generators that work in conjunction with HAUG charging electrodes to apply electrostatic charges without physical contact, for example, for fixing, positioning and electrostatic “adhesion”.

DC Line Of Powerpacks

The Ionizing unit EI DC is an excellent choice for use in fast running processes or for neutralizing high electrostatic charges. Due to the direct voltage technology employed, it provides a high discharging output.

Hazardous Area Ionizing Devices – EX Line

The ring ionizers RI EX M/V are supplied as a hand-held unit (RI Ex M/V) with compressed air gun, or for fixed installation (RI Ex O). Due to their compressed-air assistance, these units are ideally suited to blowing off workpiece surfaces using ionized air.


Static Elimination (Ionizing) Bars

The HAUG ionizing bar EI PS is a mini high-performance ionizer. Thanks to the “power technolgy” developed by HAUG, its operational effectiveness is clearly above other comparable ionizing bars. Other statice elimination bars are available.

Static Test And Measuring Meters

The Static Meter is a small hand-held field strength meter with digital display for measuring electrostatic charges in Volt. It perfectly combines easy operation with accurate measuring technique.

The Static Meter measures charges according to the field influence principle C: The influenced charges, caused by electrically field, generate an alternating current proportional to the electrical field strength