icremental encoder 1000ppr
Product Details General Purpose Incremental Encoders Incremental Encoders output a pulse string according to the[...]
Ctec Head CT300UB5 – Taiwan – Heavy Duty
CT300UB5 Q & A Q: What is CT300UB5? A: CT300UB5 is a chainstitch sewing head for tape edge[...]
Heavy Duty Flanging Machine – Pegasus Head
Main Technical Data:   Max. Rotation Speed: 2500 RPM Flanging Width: 30mm Flanging Thicknes: 35-80mm[...]
T-verter inverter N2-402-M3
T-verter N2 series is a high performance general-purpose inverter that incorporates a high efficiency Pulse[...]
Hand held Ultrasonic Spot Welder
Description Another benefit is the time of glycerol separation.This is also faster and one of[...]
Siemens Actuators / Servo Parts Supplier
SIEMENS   SQN72.2A4A20BT SQN72.6A4A20BT SQN72.4D5A20BT SQN72.6C2A20 SQN75.244A21  SQN75.244A21  SQN75.294A21  SQN75.424A21 SQN75.444A21 SQN75.694A21 SQN75.864A21  SQN75.6K4A21 SQN75.244A21B[...]
PNOZ safety relays uae supplier
stock :   PNOZ 4 PZE 7 PNOZ 8 PNOZ 1 PNOZ PNOZ 10  
Keyence Proximity Switch EM-038P
  Model EM-038 Type Shielded Shape 3.8 mm 0.15″ dia Cylindrical. Detecting distance 0.8 mm[...]
Computerized Chain Stitch Multi-needle Quilting Machine
Model: HY-W-JH Parameter(Unit mm): Dimension(L×W×H) :4800×1600×2000 Quilting width:2450 Space between needle rows: 50.8,76.2,127(5”) Space between[...]
Ultrasonic Horns sealer boaster generator uae supplier
We are Dealing with Ultrasonic Sealers , Horns , Generator ,Boaster ,Sealers , Converters and other Machines. We[...]